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Shut up shuttin’ up.

I don’t like unsolicited emails. Period. But as I’ve tried to get the word out about ShowMojo I’ve acquired some measure of temperance. It’s not easy getting in front of customers some times — especially the ones you can help the most.

Nonetheless, some companies don’t get it and just go way too far.

I received a mass email this morning from a service that we pay for to promote ShowMojo. I have zero interest in these emails and dutifully clicked unsubscribe. I was happy to do it. I had no hard feelings against the service and understand that some of their customers want these emails.

I was truly dumbfounded by what hit my inbox next. I’ll call it the: “Did you really mean to unsubscribe?” email. Choice quote from said email: “Was this a mistake?”

Yes. You’re so right. I accidentally hit the 5-point-font, off-white, no-underline “unsubscribe” link on your email then successfully (but completely inadvertently) navigated your intentionally-misleading “subscription preferences” webpage obstacle course. Absolutely I want you to continue to junk up my email box. Stupid me

But wait-a-minute. Quite irrationally, I asked my team if we currently use this particular service. The answer was no. Canceling was easy. And every $30 a month counts.

Oops. Stupid you.

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