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Thought of the day.

Taken from Tom Foster’s entry on Management and Leadership.

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I’ve spent some time over the last week devising the simplest agile process I could come up with. Why? Because sometimes it makes sense to strip a process down to its absolute bare essentials and to build it back up again. This way we challenge our assumptions about what really needs to be in the process. We identify false safety nets, white elephants and non-obvious impediments. More generally, we can locate and eliminate the waste in our process.

So, what goes into the most simple of agile processes? To be both agile and effective I decided that the process had to be iterative, it had to encourage communication, it had to focus on delivery, and it had to be drawn entirely from techniques that I have seen work in practice on real teams.

So, without further ado:

Pretty simple, huh? A lot of this should be self-explanatory, but I’ll dive into the detail in my next post.

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